How small businesses can use Brand Archetypes to get more clients


Knowing and communicating what makes your business unique is probably the hardest skill in business.

That’s where this video comes in. In this video you’re going to learn about Brand Archetypes and most importantly, how you can use them to get more clients.

So, don’t go anywhere.

Hi, I’m Jennifer Kem. You can call me Jen. I’m the founder of the Master Brand Institute. Here,  we guide entrepreneurs through the process of building a unique message then putting it into a marketing structure to turn complete strangers into raving clients.

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So, you want to know and communicate what makes your business unique to attract more clients?

Well – it’s a good thing you’re watching this video!

This is the first video in a series called Brand Archetypes. In this series, we’re going to break down Brand Archetypes, what they are, and how to use them in your business to win more clients.

First, what are Archetypes? Created by social psychologist, Carl Young, archetypes are energy patterns that serve as universal guides on how we relate to our personal power. They’re structures that we use to interact with the world around us.

In business terms, Brand Archetypes are the personality of your brand. It’s the nucleus, the soul and the heartbeat of what makes your business most unique because it comes from you, the founder.

At the highest macro level possible, Brand Archetypes are about installing influence into your audience by creating emotional connection with them. Ideally, your audience should experience the same set of emotions every single time they interact with your business.

If we take it from macro to micro, this looks like messaging, videos, aesthetics, what products you offer and so on.

Now, every major brand in the world uses a Brand Archetype as the core essence of their marketing and brand strategy.

Of course, your business isn’t a major brand in the world but something I always say is model the models. If big companies are doing it, then it must work so it’s smart for you to conceptually replicate what they do!

Most entrepreneurs use brand archetypes incorrectly or not at all. Both are big mistakes because there’s so much opportunity when you use it correctly in your marketing.

Marketing is what gets you seen by the right people. It’s one thing to get in front of them then it’s something different to pique their interest and something way different to keep their attention. That’s where your Brand Archetype comes in. Your archetype is the personality that’s communicated in your marketing to draw people further and further into your brand.

Now, every person has every brand archetype show up in their life during different moments. However there are three Brand Archetypes that come most natural to you, I call them the Dominant, Intrinsic and Intuitive Archetypes. These three are the full mix of what makes you unique.

At minimum you need the Dominant Archetype because it’s the core of your brand. But the Intrinsic & Intuitive Archetypes flesh out and fill in what’s there.

To me, the Archetype Influence Mix is like Thanksgiving dinner. See, Thanksgiving has become a hot topic for many folk and rightly so, however to me, Thanksgiving is a day of gratitude. It’s about food, family & fun so it’s my favorite time of the year.

At Thanksgiving dinner, you first have the turkey which is the main dish, aka the Dominant Archetype. It’s the core of the Thanksgiving eating experience. If done properly it’s tasty and moist and flavorful and it gets the job done… But who only wants turkey for Thanksgiving dinner?

So you add sides like green beans, baked yams, maybe a honey-baked ham. And if you’re Filipino like me we’re talking about the good stuff like karekare & pancit. All these dishes compliment the main dish during the Thanksgiving dinner experience to take everything to the next level – just like the Intrinsic archetype.

But what about dessert and drinks? You can’t have a complete Thanksgiving experience without them! As a Filipino, you know we eating on some banana lumpia, halo-halo & biko! These dishes ultimately round out the dinner Thanksgiving dinner experience, just like the Intuitive Archetype.

All this food talk got me thinking about getting my mom to make me some karekare this weekend. It’s literally my favorite food on Thanksgiving or really any day of the day.

By the way, what’s your favorite, must-have Thanksgiving dish? Let me know down below!

See how a Thanksgiving dinner is built around the main dish, sides are added to flavor then dessert & drinks are the final touches to create the best experience?

The same is true for your business. Your Dominant Archetype is the star, the Intrinsic Archetype adds depth and flavor then the Intuitive Archetype is the final round of seasoning.

And just like every family has their own unique menu for Thanksgiving, every business has a unique Brand Archetype Mix that sets it apart.

Alright, so let’s calm down with the food talk by talking about the Brand Archetypes and the family they fall into.

There are a total of twelve Brand Archetypes. They are the Advocate, Alchemist, Creator, Explorer, Healer, Hero, Lover, Maverick, Muse, Ruler, Provocateur, and Sage.

Each Archetype belongs to one of the four Archetypal families: Principles, Promoters, Trustees and Upholders. We’re not going deep into them today because I’m working on videos for each of them, so you better hit that subscribe button & bell icon so you don’t miss out!

First is the  Principle family. The archetypes in this family are the Ruler, Alchemist and Provocateur. At their core, Principles represent the human desire to command attention to achieve an objective.

Second is the Promoter family. The archetypes in this family are the Maverick, Explorer and Lover. At their core, Promoters represent the human desire to step further and further out of the comfort zone.

Third is the Trustee family. The archetypes in this family are the Sage, Hero and Creator. At their core, Trustees represent the human desire to believe in the people, universal concepts and beauty of the world around them.

Fourth is the Upholder family. The archetypes in this family are the Healer, Advocate and Muse. At their core, Upholders represent the human desire to keep sacred all of the things we hold dear.

It’s the mix of the families & the individual Brand Archetypes that allow businesses to leverage the most influence over their audience.

So now the question is what do you do with this information? Well, the first step is to uncover your Dominant Brand Archetype. I can help you with that.

I’ve created a psychological assessment to identify the Dominant, Intrinsic and Intuitive archetype you most naturally embody. This assessment is a certified diagnostic of human behavior that’s been tested, vetted and approved by one of the top collegiate schools of psychology in the United States. I say all that to make one point – this is not a Buzzfeed quiz you take when you’re bored.

Here are a few important notes before you take the quiz:

This assessment will take approximately 30-minutes. Like I said, it’s actually a real diagnostic on human behavior and what drives you as the founder.

Second, you must be of a sober mind when taking it. You can’t be under the influence of anything because it will skew the results of your test.

Third, answer the questions based on where you currently are in your life, not where you want to be.

Finally, you’ll receive your Dominant Archetype report for FREE when you complete this assessment. However, the only way to receive your Intrinsic and Intuitive Archetypes is to pay $97 after you complete the assessment. You don’t have to get them but like the Thanksgiving dinner example I used above, why would you skip on all the good stuff?

With all that context out of the way, use the link down below to uncover your Brand Archetype.

And that’s it!

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I’m Jen Kem, here to help you get seen, heard and paid for the unique value you bring into the world.

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I’ve created a psychological assessment to determine your brand archetype. And before you ask, no, this isn’t some Buzzfeed, “which Disney princess are you?” quiz.

This is a psychological assessment that’s been reviewed, vetted and approved by one of the top collegiate schools of psychology in the United States. With this information, you’ll be able to refine your marketing message to turn complete strangers into raving clients.

Check it out:


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