12 Case Studies on Fortune 500 Brand Archetypes and How They Use it in Marketing


Brand Archetypes are the key to developing a message that turns strangers into paying clients by making your business stand out from the crowd.

In this video I’m going to do an in-depth breakdown of how top brands use Brand Archetypes in their messaging.

So, don’t go anywhere.

Hi, I’m Jennifer Kem. You can call me Jen. I’m the founder of the Master Brand Institute. Here,  we guide entrepreneurs through the process of building a unique message then putting it into a marketing structure to turn complete strangers into raving clients.

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So, you want to know and communicate what makes your business unique to attract more clients?

Well – it’s a good thing you’re watching this video!

This is the second video in the Brand Archetypes series.

While you can totally jump in here, it’d be most useful if you started at the beginning. Click up here to watch the first video in this series.

Now, in this video I’m going to do a deep dive into global brands and how they use Brand Archetypes in their marketing. This is going to be PACKED with valuable content on how global leaders use their brand archetype to market their business. While you don’t have a global corporation, what they do tells consumers how to respond to what you do.

I’ll say that again. What globally recognized brands tdo, directly impact how your clients buy from you. This means the better you understand how they market the easier it’ll be for you to win new clients.

So, let’s hop in.

[INSERT Intrinsic and Intuitive Brand Archetype VIDEO]

Now that you understand the power of creating a message based on your Archetype Influence Mix, what do you do with this information? Well, the first step is to uncover your Dominant Brand Archetype. I can help you with that.

I’ve created a psychological assessment to identify the Archetype Mix you most naturally embody. This assessment is a certified diagnostic of human behavior that’s been tested, vetted and approved by one of the top collegiate schools of psychology in the United States. I say all that to make one point – this is not a Buzzfeed quiz you take when you’re bored.

Here are a few important notes before you take the quiz:

First, this assessment will take approximately 30-minutes. Like I said, it’s actually a real diagnostic on human behavior and what drives you as a founder.

Second, you must be of a sober mind when taking it. You can’t be under the influence of anything because it will skew the results of your test.

Third, answer the questions based on where you currently are in your life, not where you want to be.

Finally, you’ll receive your Dominant Archetype report for FREE when you complete this assessment. However, the only way to receive your Intrinsic and Intuitive Archetypes is to pay $97 after you complete the assessment. You don’t have to get them but like the Brands we just went through, why settle for unique when you can be incredibly unique?

With all that context out of the way, use the link down below to uncover your Brand Archetype.

And that’s it!

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I’m Jen Kem, here to help you get seen, heard and paid for the unique value you bring into the world.

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I’ve created a psychological assessment to determine your brand archetype. And before you ask, no, this isn’t some Buzzfeed, “which Disney princess are you?” quiz.

This is a psychological assessment that’s been reviewed, vetted and approved by one of the top collegiate schools of psychology in the United States. With this information, you’ll be able to refine your marketing message to turn complete strangers into raving clients.

Check it out:



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