Brand Archetypes: The Maverick (boldly say what everyone else is thinking)


Charismatic “seer” of visions

So committed to radical change,

You’re not afraid to ditch

The status quo and play your range.

“Make it happen” is your motto,

“We’ll just think outside the box.”

Getting radical is what you do,

And innovation rocks.

Fearless destroyer of old systems,

Boldly doing whatever it takes,

To bring cutting-edge ideas to life

Change the game, and raise the stakes.

Introducing the Maverick Archetype

If we don’t know each other, hi, I’m Jen Kem. I’m the CEO of the Master Brand Institute where we guide entrepreneurs on the path to uncovering their unique message with such clarity, they can turn any conversation into a sales conversation.

And today, we’re talking about the Brand Archetype called the Maverick. In this video, I want to give you an in-depth understanding of what it means to embody the Maverick Brand Archetype. We’re going to cover strengths, weaknesses, business themes and integrating this information into your business

If the Maverick had a power statement it’s:

I am The Maverick.

I am here to shake things up and make noise.

When I step into the room, the energy shifts immediately. 

I wear the outfit that everyone else wishes they were brave enough to wear. 

I say the words that everyone is secretly thinking but too afraid to speak aloud. 

I am rebellious, cool, bold, and daring. 

I am a disruptor – through my work, I’m changing lives, changing my industry, and the world.

I am not for everyone. Some people absolutely hate me. Some people absolutely love me. One thing is for sure – everyone will be talking about me. I provoke intense reactions wherever I go.

You can always count on me to make a scene – and make a difference.

Don’t you think it’s about damn time for some change around here? I do.

Now, when we talk about Brand Archetypes, each one has a set of Power Words that best represent them. I think it’s important to point out that the words themselves don’t need to be used in every piece of your message.

It’s more accurate to say when your audience reads your message they need to feel these Power Words.

Maverick power words include:

Radical, Unapologetic, Outspoken, Unforgettable, Shocking, Disruptor, Bold , Bravery, Personal, Power, Brutal, Honesty, Experimentation

A great question to ask yourself is, does my current message make ME feel these words?

Moving on – one of the most important things I recommend when it comes to fully embodying your Brand Archetype is looking at brands who model your archetype well.

I call them Master Brand Models because that’s what they are – models of brands that masterfully embrace their Archetype. When we look at these conceptual models, what you’re really looking trying to understand is the vibe or energy they give off – not the literal look or words though they might be useful
Master Brand that I believe model the Maverick Archetype excellently include:
Suzanne Evans 

Gary Vee

Harley Davidson 



Howard Stern

Lady Gaga
At its essence, the Maverick is committed to creating big change with their greater vision in mind. They will blow up existing structures in acts of creative destructionism as their vision pulls them forward. Mavericks want to create what they know is possible, and they’re willing to do what it takes to make that happen. They may not be popular with the masses, but they generally attract followers through charisma and sharing their vision publicly.
Moving into Strategic Positioning, the Maverick gives off a vibe that says, “I seek to overturn the established order through experimentation and innovation and standing in my unique brand identity”
Strengths of this Archetype include progressiveness, cooperation, intellectualism, and courage
Recurring themes and pillars of this brand include:
“Rules were made to be broken”

“If it’s not working, it’s time to get rid of it”

“Push the edges”

“Burn the box”

“Stop focusing on dumb shit.”

See, the Maverick Archetype represents independent thinking. They’re the voice that says, “Don’t fence me in” and “We’ve had enough”. Unapologetic, disruptive and bold, the Maverick can be controversial while offering fresh perspectives to wake people up and stir up change. Rules and the status quo are highly rejected. This brand has moxie and nerve, and their goal is to protect the freedom of their audience.

Of course, all Archetypes have a dark side as well. In Archetypal Psychology, the dark side isn’t a bad thing. Simply put, these are things that when done make it harder than necessary to get what you want.
So, the shadow of the Maverick blowing up what’s familiar for people without first recognizing the consequential fallout. They shake people to their very core quickly, which can be destabilizing. 
The feelings you may experience that begin these dark side actions are:
Hate, Anger, Negativity, A Loss of Boundaries, and Fanaticism and taking uncalculated risks
Other feelings or instances that lead to dark side behavior are: impractical ideas, self-imposed isolation, aloofness and rebelling for the sake of breaking systems
Again, there’s nothing wrong with these things so don’t feel shame if you experience them. It’s more important to understand that these can make you start doing things that don’t support what you want. When they come up, identify them and pivot into what you should be doing.
So, what makes the Maverick unique in your industry?
The Maverick is a force to be reckoned with, representing the voice that’s “had enough.” Inspired by the need to bring issues to the forefront, this archetype is a key to social change, a harbinger of fresh perspectives and new outlooks.

A rule breaker, they challenge convention by questioning the status quo and pushing the envelope. With bold leadership, courage and power, they help to dispel others’ fear of victimization.

While often not universally admired, they’re attractive, possessing a kind of broad appeal for anyone in pursuit of a counterculture or change to established norms. They may seem angry but they’re simply expressing the courage required to shake the paradigms supported by society’s narcolepsy.
Now, let’s integrate all this concept into your business in a meaningful way.
Your audience isn’t the masses and your communication with them shouldn’t sound like such. You are reaching special-interest people so you have to go find where they are and speak to them.

Your audience expects shock value in your language, colors, and how you transmit your marketing messages.
The emotional phrases you want to stir up in your audience include:
“You are at the forefront of innovation and new ideas.” 

“You say the things I’m thinking but feel like I can’t say.”

“You always deliver the cutting edge.”

“You get to the point without holding back.”

“You make me want to take action.”
Here are some key things that are NOT the Maverick’s jam.
Maverick brands do not do well when asked to conform to blueprints, methods, formulas that are not of their own making. Even if they create their own blueprint, they create from a place of radical upending of the “others” and are unabashedly ashamed to do so.

Avoid any opportunity that muffles your message and only create things that are radically in alignment with your disdain for the status quo.
Some important things to remember as a Maverick is your audience is attracted to directness, radical candor and big ideas.
Maverick brands are seen by their audience as radical and in your face. But it’s important to understand this energy is directed towards social constructs, not individuals. They’re really trying to make the point that to create change we must bring innovation, stay focused on matters and above all be persistent.
Incorporate these ideals and present them to the right audience and your offers will open eyes, attract ears and clean out wallets.
Finally, some feature and positioning angles to draw more attention to your offer:

  • Focus on an audience that feels dissatisfied with the status quo
  • Incorporate the idea of destroying or upending something that already exists into your offer
  • Choose an offer that pioneers or chats a new path that opposite of what’s available on the industry.
  • Pick a low to moderate price point

And a final word for the Maverick. Ask yourself: What would Harley-Davidson do? Maverick brands can have a number of models as part of their product portfolio, but they should be clear in their WHY for the investment being made.
Now the question is, what do you do with this information? Well, there are two options.

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