Brand Archetypes: The Provocateur (it’s called surprise & delight)


You may be a clown or jester

To the untrained eye or mind

But your higher, brighter purpose,

Is the “wake up, shake up” kind.

While you’re an entertainer,

With charisma, wit, and charm,

You’re also an agitator

Calling all your troops to arms.

Apathy is the enemy

And risk your greatest ally,

You will not be ignored

And you will not be set aside.

You can surf through social systems

To find the space for revolution,

As you lead a blinded world

To an enlightened evolution.

Introducing the Provocateur Archetype

If we don’t know each other, hi, I’m Jen Kem. I’m the CEO of the Master Brand Institute where we guide entrepreneurs on the path to uncovering their unique message with such clarity, they can turn any conversation into a sales conversation.

And today, we’re talking about the Brand Archetype called the Provocateur. In this video, I want to give you an in-depth understanding of what it means to embody the Provocateur Brand Archetype. We’re going to cover strengths, weaknesses, business themes and integrating this information into your business

If the Provocateur had a power statement it’s:

I am The Provocateur.

I am hilarious, playful, and highly entertaining. 

When I tell stories, people lean in, laugh, gasp, and can’t wait to hear more.

I bring mischief, surprise, and delight into everything I do.

When I step into the room, I’m going to get people laughing, dancing, or both!

I am allergic to anything boring or stuffy. Not everything needs to be so serious. 

To me, life is a game and you can play it – and win it – however you want. Make up your own rules, because ‘success’ is whatever you want it to be.

Now, when we talk about Brand Archetypes, each one has a set of Power Words that best represent them. I think it’s important to point out that the words themselves don’t need to be used in every piece of your message.

It’s more accurate to say when your audience reads your message they need to feel these Power Words.

Provocateur power words include:

Entertaining, Hilarious, Sexy, Fun, Playful, Delight, Bright, Clever, Charming, Instigation, Activation, Awakening, Powerful, Fearless

A great question to ask yourself is, does my current message make ME feel these words?

Moving on – one of the most important things I recommend when it comes to fully embodying your Brand Archetype is looking at brands who model your archetype well.

I call them Master Brand Models because that’s what they are – models of brands that masterfully embrace their Archetype. When we look at these conceptual models, what you’re really looking trying to understand is the vibe or energy they give off – not the literal look or words though they might be useful
Master Brand that I believe model the Provocateur Archetype excellently include:

Marie Forleo, The Daily Whip, AppSumo, Rebel Wilson, Doritos, Geico and comedians like Amy Schumer, Tiffany Haddish, Phoebe Robinson

At its essence, the Provocateur  is a playful, spontaneous brand that is interactive and inclusive. Provocateur’s just let it rip, personifying courage to be oneself while being accepted and adored by others. When you can tap into the fun-loving, mischievous child in all of us, you can build a bulletproof brand around this archetype. This archetype is willing to break rules in a lively way because it leads to innovative, out-of-the-box thinking. It’s an archetype that can give tedious tasks or uninteresting products some “oomph”.

Moving into Strategic Positioning, the Provocateur gives off a vibe that says, “I can help you see laughter and mirth in situations that may be sad or concerning; turning on the empathy triggers that a client would want to experience a product or service.”
Strengths of this Archetype include living in the moment, enjoying the fullness of life, and fostering innovation.
Recurring themes and pillars of this brand include:

“Rules are made to be scoffed at”

“It’s funny because it’s true”

“What’s most serious is knowing it shouldn’t be so serious”

“Measuring success through enjoyment and innovation drives the bottom line”

“Life is a game, play in it”

See, the Provocateur Archetype is outstanding at shaking people up by stimulating their core belief systems. With a natural gift for communication they easily charm their way into people’s hearts. Wise and daring, they light up the world with their uncanny gift to turn information into a new perspective on life. They tend to have an extremely loyal following because they allow their audience to laugh, cry and learn at the exact same time. Boldly original, this archetype has no shame in their delivery which defies most traditional and societal norms. The world is a playground of opportunity and they expect people to either come with or stay behind.

Of course, all Archetypes have a dark side as well. In Archetypal Psychology, the dark side isn’t a bad thing. Simply put, these are things that when done make it harder than necessary to get what you want.
So, the shadow side of the Provocateur is their tendency to be so focused on play that they ignore the necessary parts of running a business by making haphazard decisions.
The feelings you may experience that begin these dark side actions are:

Being boorish, rude, using offensive tactics, manipulation for selfish reasons, and an addiction to adrenaline or cortisol
Other feelings or instances that lead to dark side behavior are: a fear of boredom, tactlessness, smugness, lack of a seriousness, and over-indulgence
Again, there’s nothing wrong with these things so don’t feel shame if you experience them. It’s more important to understand that these can make you start doing things that don’t support what you want. When they come up, identify them and pivot into what you should be doing.
So, what makes the Provocateur unique in your industry?

This archetype is an activator. Called to arouse, they evoke strong emotions to inspire, challenge and shape people into their true selves. They’re often quite polarizing in presentation, using charisma & charm to soothe rough edges.

An agitator and firebrand, this archetype stirs up latent feelings of discontent to expose the inhumanity that often accompanies complacency. A natural communicator, this archetype instinctively navigates complex social systems to find the leverage point for change.

Using nuance, double meanings, and controversy, they incite engagement in their audience. By agitating others to see, hear and view reality differently, they activate the trigger and response cycle that quite literally provokes people to action of some sort. With a firm belief that apathy is the enemy, they will go long lengths to stimulate their people into experiencing life’s deeper mysteries and joys.
Now, let’s integrate all this concept into your business in a meaningful way.
Virtually everyone is hungry for more fun in their life, especially in the confines of the “stuffy” world of business.

This archetype’s highly disruptive approach  is a great choice for products/services that are up against a highly established business.

Yet, it’s all incredibly focused on engaging the playfulness we had as a child, so it’s important to use stories that make us want to experience things through our adolescent eyes while still making adult decisions.

Appeal to your audience’s desire to “never grow up,” and give them permission to act childlike and maybe even, childish.

When done successfully, people will be entertained and inclined to purchase your products because it has a halo of fun surrounding it.
The emotional phrases you want to stir up in your audience include:

“You make me laugh until my ribs hurt.”

“You always make me question if I truly believe something or if it’s what I’ve always done.”

“You show me there are so many perspectives to work with.”

“You get me to throw caution to the wind and just go for it.”

“You know how to have a good time.”
Here are some key things that are NOT the Provocateur’s jam.

The Provocateur’s greatest fear is boredom of themselves and others. Trying to convert a stuffy audience exhausts this archetype after a while. They’ll make a valiant attempt at making the audience crack a smile, but when they’re over it they. are. over. it. It’s extremely important that they spend ample time being in front of the right audience. Also, anything that feels like cubicle work will quickly drain the zest of a Provocateur’s brand power.
Some important things to remember as a Provocateur is your audience is attracted to entertainment, wisdom and delight.
Experiences are the best playground for Provocateur archetypes. Clients who respond to this archetype appreciate when the experience helps them become “imagineers”.
Another opportunity is to create ways for clients to experiment and brainstorm using your products or services. Clever ways to solve problems are very much appreciated by your people, and the more you put that into the hands of your clients, the more appealing your brand will be.
“Surprise and delight” strategies are great for this archetype so sending unexpected coupons, offers, gifts and contests are a hallmark that keeps customers coming back for more.
Finally, some feature and positioning angles to draw more attention to your offer:

    • Create a place that makes people feel a sense of belonging to ‘something’ 
    • Give people a good time
    • Price yourself on the moderate to low side of your industry
    • Focus on differentiating yourself from the established brand in the marketplace

And a final word for the Provocateur. These brands have an unusual opportunity to have a wide range of products or programs without confusing the market.
They’ve an opportunity to create a range of like-minded products then use their gift of injecting energy and fun to create a suite that appeals to their ideal client.
And make sure to use a social media platform that highlights your style of performance.

Now the question is, what do you do with this information? Well, there are two options.

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