Master Brand Archetypes to Model: Sage, Hero, Creator


Forging a memorable emotional connection with your audience is the hardest part of building a strong brand message. AND, when mastered it will instantly put your business at the top of your audience’s mind and wallet.

In this video we’re going to unpack what makes the Sage, Hero and Creator brand so powerful.

So, don’t go anywhere.

Hi, I’m Jennifer Kem. You can call me Jen. I’m the founder of the Master Brand Institute. Here, we guide entrepreneurs through the process of building their unique message to attract more of the right people then converting them into paying clients.

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So, you want to build a brand that generates massive income and massive impact while being your most authentic self?

Well, it’s a good thing you’re watching this video!

This is the second video in my newest series, Master Brands to Model. Today, we’re going to break down an example for the Sage, Hero and Creator Brand Archetypes.

We’ve already talked about the Ruler, Alchemist and Provocateur so if you want to check that out, you’ll find that linked out down below.

By the way, if you don’t know your Brand Archetype Mix pause this video and click the link down below to take my Brand Archetype Assessment! This psychological evaluation that’s been accredited by a top collegiate school of psychology is a legitimate test to identify which brand archetype you most naturally embody.

Now, back to the video.

Today we’re talking about the Trustee family. The Brand Archetypes in this family are the Sage, Hero and Creator. At their core, Trustees represent the desire to believe in the universal concepts, people, and beauty of the world around them.

Sages trust in universal concepts, Heroes believe in people and Creators believe in the beauty of the world around them.

So, if you have Sage, Hero or Creator in your Brand Archetype Mix, get ready to take some notes on the models I’m about to share!

First, the Sage. They are obsessed with knowing the facts and are proud of it. They fastidiously back up each move they make with empirical, undeniable proof it’s the best next move. Sage brands like to back everything up with data and their marketing reflects this.

The Economist is a perfect example of a Sage brand. Their whole value proposition is that they are uniquely dedicated to knowing and explaining all the facts. They own their obsession with information and use it to attract a fan base that identifies as intellectuals.

Because they know their audience is full of intellectuals, their ads contradict generic copywriting advice which says that you should make your point mind-numbingly obvious. The Economist is okay with going over people’s heads because they know who their core audience is.

If you’re a Sage, make sure to own the depth of your knowledge, using it to appeal to people who want to feel smart about the decisions they’re making.

Next, the Hero. The Hero is determined, courageously transforming and challenging people to the highest vision that the Hero holds for them. They are continuously learning and improving in order to serve a bigger goal.

An example of effective Hero’s branding is Snickers. Their ‘You’re not you when you’re hungry’ ad speaks to Snickers saving the day. Their message is that anyone can turn their day around and feel like a hero, just by eating a Snickers.

If you’re a Hero brand, then you need to make your audience feel like they will be capable of anything by simply using your offer.

Finally, the Creator. This brand innovates, interprets, and manifests the next big vision, using their intense desire to problem solve how to bring the next vision to life for the people around them. You can easily recognize them by their non-conformity and vast imagination.

Etsy is a classic Creator brand. Their advertisements to both sellers and buyers tells them that Etsy will facilitate their visioning process . For sellers they say: “Millions of shoppers can’t wait to see what you have in store.” For the buyers, they advertise: “Discover the items you can’t find anywhere else.”

If you’re a Creator brand, make it clear that your product or service will enable your audience to achieve their vision, the exact way they see it in their mind.

Now, I’ve just shared a ton of information with you. And you might be wondering, “I believe in these universal concepts, people and beauty – am I a Sage, Hero or Creator?”

Maybe you are so I strongly recommend taking my Brand Archetype Assessment. It’s a board certified diagnostic of human behavior that’s been vetted and approved by one of the top collegiate schools of psychology in the United States.

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I’ve created a psychological assessment to determine your brand archetype. And before you ask, no, this isn’t some Buzzfeed, “which Disney princess are you?” quiz.

This is a psychological assessment that’s been reviewed, vetted and approved by one of the top collegiate schools of psychology in the United States. With this information, you’ll be able to refine your marketing message to turn complete strangers into raving clients.


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