Master Brand Archetypes to Model: Healer, Advocate, Muse


Forging a memorable emotional connection with your audience is the hardest part of building a strong brand message. AND, when mastered it will instantly put your business at the top of your audience’s mind and wallet.

In this video we’re going to unpack what makes the Healer, Advocate and Muse brand so powerful.

So, don’t go anywhere.

Hi, I’m Jennifer Kem. You can call me Jen. I’m the founder of the Master Brand Institute. Here, we guide entrepreneurs through the process of building their unique message to attract more of the right people then converting them into paying clients.

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So, you want to build a brand that generates massive income and massive impact while being your most authentic self?

Well, it’s a good thing you’re watching this video!

This is the third video in my newest series, Master Brands to Model. Today, we’re going to break down an example for the Sage, Hero and Creator Brand Archetypes.

We’ve already talked about the Ruler, Alchemist, Provocateur, Sage, Hero and Creator so if you want to check that out, you’ll find that linked out down below.

By the way, if you don’t know your Brand Archetype Mix pause this video and click the link down below to take my Brand Archetype Assessment! This psychological evaluation that’s been accredited by a top collegiate school of psychology is a legitimate test to identify which brand archetype you most naturally embody.

Now, back to the video.

Today we’re talking about the Upholder family. The Brand Archetypes in this family are the Healer, Advocate and Muse. At their core, Upholders represent the desire to keep sacred all of the things we hold dear.

Healers keep sacred the need for self healing, Advocates keep sacred the importance of individual AND collective needs and finally the Muse keeps sacred the dream we all strive for.

So, if you have Healer, Advocate or Muse in your Brand Archetype Mix, get ready to take some notes on the models I’m about to share!

First, the Healer. This Brand Archetype creates and nurtures the conditions their audience needs to heal. They do not heal their audience for them but instead facilitate and support their audience in their own healing.

An iconic healer brand is Allstate Insurance. Every piece of their copy speaks to the value of Allstate being “there for you”. Great examples are: “A good agent can make all the difference,” and “You’re in good hands with Allstate.”

Their calls to action are more inviting than demanding. They want their audience to come back to them because they know just how dedicated Allstate is to supporting them.

If you’re a Healer, then your copy needs to have the energy of nurturing your audience while your offers make them feel deeply supported.

Next, the Advocate. This Brand Archetype empowers communities and individuals to pursue and attain greater freedom, whatever that looks like for them. Advocates are a “person of the people” which makes them relatable and non-threatening. They make it easy for their audience to achieve the freedom they desire.

Dropbox is a great Advocate brand. They’re not sexy but they are extremely valuable because they allow their users to easily access all the information they need wherever they are in the world.

If you’re an Advocate, then your message needs to reflect your commitment to supporting both your audience and the communities they’re part of to enjoy the greater freedoms they desire.

Finally, there’s the Muse. This Brand Archetype inspires us to dream bigger for ourselves. Their optimistic, nostalgic, innocent, and simple approach invokes really good vibes.

An example of the Muse is Glennon Doyle- She inspires her audience to think deeply and creatively about their lives, and makes them feel safe in the process of doing so.

If you’re a Muse, then you’re marketing needs to enroll your audience into an experience that makes them feel like their possibilities are endless.

Now, I’ve just shared a ton of information with you. And you might be wondering, “I like keeping these things sacred – am I a Healer, Advocate or Muse?”

Maybe you are so I strongly recommend taking my Brand Archetype Assessment. It’s a board certified diagnostic of human behavior that’s been vetted and approved by one of the top collegiate schools of psychology in the United States.

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I’ve created a psychological assessment to determine your brand archetype. And before you ask, no, this isn’t some Buzzfeed, “which Disney princess are you?” quiz.

This is a psychological assessment that’s been reviewed, vetted and approved by one of the top collegiate schools of psychology in the United States. With this information, you’ll be able to refine your marketing message to turn complete strangers into raving clients.

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