Master Brand Archetypes to Model: Ruler, Alchemist, Provocateur


Forging a memorable emotional connection with your audience is the hardest part of building a strong brand message. AND, when mastered it will instantly put your business at the top of your audience’s mind and wallet.

In this video we’re going to unpack what makes Ruler, Alchemist and Provocateur brands so powerful.

So, don’t go anywhere.

Hi, I’m Jennifer Kem. You can call me Jen. I’m the founder of the Master Brand Institute. Here, we guide entrepreneurs through the process of building their unique message to attract more of the right people then converting them into paying clients.

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So, you want to build a brand that generates massive income and massive impact while being your most authentic self?

Well, it’s a good thing you’re watching this video!

This is the first video in my newest series, Master Brands to Model. Today, we’re going to break down an example for the Ruler, Alchemist and Provocateur brands, so if that’s in your Brand Archetype Mix listen in.

By the way, if you don’t know your Brand Archetype pause this video and click the link down below to take my Brand Archetype Assessment! This psychological evaluation that’s been accredited by a top collegiate school of psychology is a legitimate test to identify which brand archetype you most naturally embody.

Now, back to the video.

In business, Brand Archetypes are the personality of your brand. It’s the nucleus, the soul and the heartbeat of what makes your business most unique because it comes from you, the founder.

In energetic terms, Brand Archetypes are about finding your unique voice then using it to build an emotional connection with your audience so they know, like and trust you.

To keep it simple. Brand Archetypes guide you to be authentic in sharing your message. This authenticity attracts new clients.

Now, every major brand in the world uses a Brand Archetype as the core essence of their marketing and brand strategy.

Of course, your business isn’t a major brand in the world, yet, and that doesn’t mean you can’t model what they do. If big companies are doing it, then it must work so it’s smart for you to conceptually replicate what they do!

Today we’re talking about the Principle family. The Brand Archetypes in this family are the Ruler, Alchemist and Provocateur. At their core, Principles represent the desire to command attention to achieve an objective.

Rulers direct attention to their kingdom, Alchemist direct attention to their creation and Provocateurs direct attention wherever they want.

So, if you have Ruler, Alchemist or Provocateur in your Brand Archetype Mix, get ready to take some notes on the models I’m about to share!

First the Ruler. They lead confidently through earned experience, and are unapologetically direct in the noble pursuit of order, beauty and peace desired by humankind. Ruler brands like to “own it all” and their marketing reflects this.

A great example of this is Microsoft. Their marketing says they’ve an unrivaled quality in software, hardware, gaming, and accessories.

On their website you can see language like “One Bundle for your digital life,” “Gifts that rule,” and “Enjoy the BEST apps on all your Windows devices.”

Not to mention if you’ve ever talked to anyone loyal to their products, their argument will always be that Microsoft products are the BEST products.

If Ruler is in your mix, then your marketing needs to create attention that your products are of the highest and most best quality.

Next is the Alchemist. Recognized as a change agent, they use transformative and catalytic experiments to create magic that wows their audience. They blend science and spirit to show the world what’s possible through many different lenses.

They basically take really complex things then make them simple and sexy.

Dyson is an Alchemist brand and you can see this vibe just by reading the home page of their website. “Like everyone we get frustrated by products that don’t work properly. As design engineers we do something about it. We’re all about invention and improvement.”

Their copy justifies their products’ higher price point because of the innovative progress that their brand represents.

If you have Alchemist in your mix then you need to communicate the magical transformation that your offer creates in your client’s lives.

Last but not least is the Provocateur, a Brand Archetype with wicked-smart intuitive decision-making powers that passionately promotes concepts using humor, authenticity, and boldness.

Geico sets the standard for the Provocateur by taking the notoriously boring insurance industry to being incredibly entertaining through humor.

Unafraid of controversy, their “So simple a caveman could do it” campaign caused an uproar that’s in alignment with the Provocateurs ability to direct attention through shock, amusement and irreverence.

Their approach has been so effective that most insurance companies copied them to embody more of the Provocateur archetype.

So, if you have Provocateur in your mix, make sure you’re leveraging your wit to playfully shock your audience to keep your brand top of mind.

Now, I’ve just shared a ton of information with you. And you might be wondering, “I like directing attention – am I a Ruler, Alchemist or Provocateur?”

Maybe you are so I strongly recommend taking my Brand Archetype Assessment. It’s a board certified diagnostic of human behavior that’s been vetted and approved by one of the top collegiate schools of psychology in the United States.

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I’ve created a psychological assessment to determine your brand archetype. And before you ask, no, this isn’t some Buzzfeed, “which Disney princess are you?” quiz.

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