Brand Archetypes: The Ruler (expect luxury, power, and excellence)


Fearless leader,

Empress, Queen,

Unabashed by power’s sheen,

You rule on high,

With certain grace,

Making this world a better place.

Take with both hands,

Your power bold,

And all desires can unfold.

From a hard-earned throne you guide and teach, Head of your pack,

Top of your niche.

Taking confident steps,

Though your road is long,

Adapting, evolving – but always strong.

Introducing the Ruler Archetype

If we don’t know each other, hi, I’m Jen Kem. I’m the CEO of the Master Brand Institute where we guide entrepreneurs on the path to uncovering their unique message with such clarity, they can turn any conversation into a sales conversation.

And today, we’re talking about the Brand Archetype called the Ruler. In this video, I want to give you an in-depth understanding of what it means to embody the Ruler Brand Archetype. We’re going to cover strengths, weaknesses, business themes and integrating this information into your business

I am The Ruler. I exude luxury, power, and excellence.

Whatever I do, I do it better than anyone else.

I set the gold standard for my industry. I’m known for providing the highest quality and nothing less.

I’m an authority and people look to me for advice. I lead my team, my company, and my industry with confidence. I hold a great deal of responsibility and I’m comfortable doing so.

I believe that true leaders don’t create followers – they create more leaders.

I inspire each person in my audience to become the Ruler of her, his, or their own life.

It’s more accurate to say when your audience reads your message, the feelings you create are these Power Words.

Ruler power words include:

Power, Authority, Excellence, Luxury, Legacy, Prestige, Confidence, Dominion, High Status, Leadership, Responsibility, Quality, Control

A great question to ask yourself is, does my current message make ME feel like these words?

Moving on – one of the most important things I recommend when it comes to fully embodying your Brand Archetype is looking at brands who model your archetype well.

I call them Master Brand Models because that’s what they are – models of brands that masterfully embrace their Archetype. When we look at these conceptual models, what you’re really looking trying to understand is the vibe or energy they give off – not the literal look or words though they might be useful

BMW, Rolls Royce, Delta One, Beyonce, Rolex, Le Creuset, Wüsthof Knives, Upscale high-end hotels like The Ritz-Carlton, The Fairmont, Mercedes Benz, Microsoft, American Express and of course, myself, Jen Kem

At its essence, the Ruler is a soul-driven brand archetype that’s not just about lifestyle, but a way of doing business. They believe there are “people” to do pretty much everything, aka, “outsourcing”, so there’s an emphasis on leisure time achieved through delegation.

Most Rulers have communities of admirers and fans aka customers who are willing to pay them just to hang out in their presence. Rulers, with all their wealth, power and privileges, have figured out a how to live life on their terms – and people want the same from them.

Rulers expect to be serviced, and are willing to pay for it. These are entrepreneurs who often reach a certain level of celebrity status within their industry, though not necessarily visibility outside of their industry. They have a focus on materialism on some level and the external trappings it brings, yet they are highly philanthropic, making decisions for the health of the empire.

Moving into Strategic Positioning, the Ruler gives off a vibe that says, “show me respect and I will overwhelm you with generosity. Go against me, and you’ll have an enemy until the end of your days.”

Strengths of this Archetype include sincerity, candor, warmth, self-assuredness, affection, refinement, creativity, romance and feeling in control.

Recurring themes and pillars of this brand include:

“The prosperity of my business is directly related to the prosperity of my people.”

“What I build is worthwhile, lasting and essential for my industry.”

“I thrive in structure, when I direct its creation.”

“People look to me for leadership, and I say yes.”

See, the Ruler Archetype is seen as a natural leader in the industry. They represent power, control and authority. Rulers understand their success is earned in exerting control of how they manifest their ideas into action.

And to achieve that control, they need to consistently demonstrate expertise, competence and a track record of success. Their goal is to create a world of prosperity and possibility for the people who depend on them. Harmony is the goal while appreciation of structure, organization and environment are key attributes of the empire.

A lover of beautiful things, the Ruler is appreciative of both material and spiritual wealth that they accumulate through helping their people to do the same.

So, the shadow side of the Ruler is the potential to disconnect from what matters, letting their ego take over relationships, and misusing their power instead of being a good, strong, consistent and wise leader.

A fear of loss and control and chaos, entitled arrogance, authoritarianism, and self-righteousness

Other feelings or instances that lead to dark side behavior are: vanity, tyranny, pleasure-seeking, boastful, false pride, false modesty, extravagance, narcissism

Again, there’s nothing wrong with these things so don’t feel shame if you experience them. It’s more important to understand that these can make you start doing things that don’t support what you want. When they come up, identify them and pivot into what you should be doing.

The Ruler represents power and control and are motivated to lead. They’ve a knack for successfully driving a vision through challenging circumstances within constantly changing contexts.

This archetype naturally calls on both individuals and society at large to step up and take responsibility for the world we’re all contributing to. Seen as confident, commanding and powerful, they make every see they’re in charge.

A core differentiator is Rulers understanding structures, organizations and environments that are harmonious, fruitful and constructive are critical for long-term success.

The customers of the Ruler Archetype want to be rulers in their own right, not ruled by you.

Create a unique set of language and terms for your work and intellectual property, and make sure everyone who follows you understands these things. You audience is a mirror of you. They need to have benefits bottom-lined for them and to hear their own authority respected in order to fully devote themselves to your brand.

Be consistent, as they like to know where they stand with you and want your unconditional regard as a follower in your community. Their loyalty is unshakable once they feel at ease and oriented in the structures you’ve created.

If you treat them in a way that makes them feel like Rulers of their own destiny, they will make sure everyone knows you were a key component of their success.

“You are the great one, the one to follow.”

“You are the guiding light in this complex world.”

“Your cause is noble.”

“I respect your authority in all matters.”

“I am loyal to you.”

Be careful about how long you commit to working with clients. Rulers can’t be bothered by individual work because their main concern is the entire community.

One-on-one work quickly becomes draining and will consistently distract you from the strategic vision. Instead, create intensive experiences where your clients can experience what it’s like to be in control and give them structures so they can continue seeing results without you.

Group or mass market offers are best for you, especially those that have you providing leadership of self towards of an outcome,

Be sure to build in referring programs or team members who’ve archetypes that are better suited to long term client commitments.

Some important things to remember as a Ruler is your customers may not know what they want, which means you need to get clear on the problem you actually solve.

Get up off your throne to be with the people to conduct deep market research, ask your most active followers for insight and really look at your offer through your audience’s eyes.

Honor your audience’s desire to be in control by giving them the structures to achieve mastery of their own domain. Appeal to that inner desire that we all have to be high-achieving and important. Don’t hesitate to tap into their desire for “the good life” and/or high status. After all, it’s part of being a Ruler.

Communicate how your offers can be used to increase power or status. Be bold enough to offer a lifetime guarantee and a medium to high-price point as a differentiator.

Remember, you can’t be the only Ruler in the universe. Know that your products and services will reach their true tipping point when your followers share how you’ve helped them to rule their own fiefdom.

Finally, some feature and positioning angles to draw more attention for your offer:

Emphasize your offer is high-status and gives your audience power to take control of their lives

Focus on the overall structure clients receive using your offer

Be bold – offer a lifetime guarantee

Price your offer in the moderate to high price range for your industry

Sell the complete system from end to end, not in bits and pieces

And a final word for the Ruler, create a signature offer that’s so unique & impactful that no one can compete with it. This one thing should be the foundation on which everything else is built.

In the end, being the best is truly your unfair advantage. But before you can claim that title, you need to make sure your customers consistently get real results.

So now the question is what do you do with this information? Well, there are a few options.

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