Brand Archetypes: The Alchemist (to me, nothing is impossible)


You’re a lone wolf,

Yet head of the pack,

And your passion and strength,

Mean you hold nothing back,

Your intuition rules you,

On your quest for your light,

Self-reliance and clear vision,

Always steer you just right.

You’re a powerful force,

Inspiring creativity,

But don’t forget your highest truth:

Your inner journey holds the key

“A change agent for the ages, uses transformative and

possible through many different lenses.

Introducing the Alchemist Archetype

If we don’t know each other, hi, I’m Jen Kem. I’m the CEO of the Master Brand Institute where we guide entrepreneurs on the path to uncovering their unique message with such clarity, they can turn any conversation into a sales conversation.

And today, we’re talking about the Brand Archetype called the Alchemist. In this video, I want to give you an in-depth understanding of what it means to embody the Alchemist Brand Archetype. We’re going to cover strengths, weaknesses, business themes and integrating this information into your business

If the Alchemist had a power statement it’s:

I am the Alchemist.

I take raw materials and create magic.

I create things that never existed before.

A vacation to the moon. A car with no driver. Recording a hit television show from your laptop. With me, nothing is impossible.

I sense what customers need before they even know it themselves.

Everything I create is extra special, exquisite, and cool.

My favorite question is, “What if we could…?”

I take enormous dreams and make them a reality.

I am continually experimenting in my life and business – and I bring my audience along for the ride.

Now, when we talk about Brand Archetypes, each one has a set of Power Words that best represent them. I think it’s important to point out that the words themselves don’t have to be used in every piece of your message.

It’s more accurate to say when your audience reads your message, the feelings you create are these Power Words.

Alchemist power words include:

Impact, Transmutation, Evolution, Innovation, Electrifying, World-changing, Perceptive, Intuition, Cleverness, Charisma, Passion, Intensity

A great question to ask yourself is, does my current message make ME feel like these words?

Moving on – one of the most important things I recommend when it comes to fully embodying your Brand Archetype is looking at brands who model your archetype well.

I call them Master Brand Models because that’s what they are – models of brands that masterfully embrace their Archetype. When we look at these conceptual models, what you’re really looking trying to understand is the vibe or energy they give off – not the literal look or words though they might be useful

Master Brand that I believe model the Alchemist Archetype excellently include:

Costar, Lonite, Snow, Vive, Gemini, Dyson Vacuum, Mindvalley, Apple, Tesla Motors

At its essence, the Alchemist is a soul-driven archetype that relies on their internal connection with Self and Source. This is the core of turning ordinary products into gold.

Alchemists often “fly solo” as they walk the path of the mystic, using “the sight” as their primary knowledge source. They may appear mysterious because of their intuition and belief in realities beyond the physical world.

They have an intimate knowledge of how the world or universe works, often much earlier than the general populace.

They trust their inner self which is the key to their business success. As they evolve, so does the popularity and following of their brand.

Letting your audience in on your inner thoughts and how they informed your innovative inventions will have them love you even more.

Moving into Strategic Positioning, the Alchemist gives off a vibe that says, “I develop a vision and (almost obsessively) live by it. The product is everything.”

Strengths of this Archetype include feelings of inspiration, confidence, powerfulness, importance, hopeful and win-win solutions.

Recurring themes and pillars of this brand include:

“We always aim to create a win-win outcome.”

“I make things happen.”

“My hunches have magic in them, which will transform everything for you.”

“You don’t see it yet, but this will be great.”

“Come explore the genius that is my invention.”

See, the Alchemist Archetype is a shapeshifting change agent of the world. You make innovation look easy. By blending the spiritual and the scientific, Alchemists are an archetype constantly shrouded in mystery.

They’re fiercely committed to a new, improved vision of the world, curiously investigating how to make everyday problems a thing of the past by using simple solutions.

They’re willing to follow a path to solving these without any guarantee of success. They can spot trends a mile away, and talk about them way before they’re cache.

Dynamic, clever, and influential, their “living experiments” are seen in wonder by their audience. They attract the masses  because they can show the proof that their path to transformation works.

Of course, all Archetypes have a dark side as well. In Archetypal Psychology, the dark side isn’t a bad thing. Simply put, these are things that when done make it harder than necessary to get what you want.

So, the Alchemist finds that all their light can make it difficult for them to be in the physical world, as it is often rigorous, slow, heavy and lonely for them.

Their inner experience is often the priority, and although they desire to share it with others, they often struggle to actually manifest it. Ironically, not manifesting it triggers their dark side.

The feelings you may experience that begin these dark side actions are:

, demanding or unrelenting expectations from others, manipulation, trickery, reckless destruction, and rampant egocentricity

Other feelings or instances that lead to dark side behavior are: Lack of forgiveness, seeking vindication, back-stabbing, and exploitation

Again, there’s nothing wrong with these things so don’t feel shame if you experience them. It’s more important to understand that these can make you start doing things that don’t support what you want. When they come up, identify them and pivot into what you should be doing.

So, what makes the Alchemist unique in your industry?

The Alchemist is driven to understand the fundamental laws of the universe in order to turn dreams into reality.

Through their personal experience with synchronicity, flow and oneness, they identify possible realities to transform the world into a better place.

Dynamic, influential, charismatic and clever, they’ve a highly evolved ability to view the world through many lenses. This makes it easy for them to detach from the world to retain objectivity, making them a trusted advisor in a crisis or chaotic situation.

Their obsession with finding an outcome where everyone wins makes them appear fearless in their actions. By living “outside” the rules of reality, they make people feel like there’s a realm of miracles possible with every decision.

Now, let’s integrate all this concept into your business in a meaningful way.

The customers of the Alchemist Archetype want to experience products that make them feel like they’re on the cutting-edge of their industry. They often desire creativity, self-reliance and the desire to push through until an obstacle has been overcome.

They want to demonstrate their loyalty and faith with the reward of exponentially more loyalty and faith. They desire the need for resourcefulness, discretion, and a willingness to grow, to show you just how much they’ve transformed using your product.

And, they want to feel cool, trendy and “better than everyone else” when they experience your brand.

The emotional phrases you want to stir up in your audience include:

“You give me great confidence and hope”

“You help me to be better than ever before”

“You make it feel so straightforward to get what I truly want”

“You show me what it means to be more and more committed to myself”

“You are someone I want to be associated with because you’re a winner”

Here are some key things that are NOT the Alchemist’s jam.

An environment where people have free range to criticize or complain is kryptonite for the Alchemist. They’re extremely committed to their creations being transformative that this wounds them.

Some important things to remember as an Alchemist is your audience is attracted to innovation, perseverance and the idea of being an insider.

An excellent role model for this archetype is Steve Jobs. Whether you sell sweaters, information-based products, software, cookies, or home goods, ask, “what would Steve Jobs do to make this unique?” While he often lived in the shadow of the Alchemist archetype, his ability to dream up innovation is profound.

The rabid engagement of Apple users trying to identify, debunk and prove the features of the newest iPhone is proof of the idea that says, “we only align with the very best.”

Finally, some feature and positioning angles to draw more attention for your offer:

• Make sure it has a new-age, consciousness expanding feel

• Insure the product itself is extremely user-friendly so much so, that it feels intuitive to use

• Package it in a new, contemporary look to feel cutting-edge

• Price it in the medium to high range to signal that it is truly a superior product

And a final word for the Alchemist. Create a product that doesn’t look like anything out there. Develop something so deeply moving that people have to take notice. Create a demo of it and constantly talk about your inner journey to creating it to build a waitlist of people chomping at the bit.

So now the question is what do you do with this information? Well, there are a few options.

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