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Clarify your message, deepen relationships with your audience, and exponentially increase your ROI.

Creating a truly impactful & persuasive message often feels like a frustrating game of throwing spaghetti at the wall, over and over and over again, hoping something will finally stick.

But why prolong this confidence draining feedback loop when you can leverage the psychological framework that big name brands have been using for decades?

This framework is called Brand Archetypes and they are the compass to always point you in the right direction…

By understanding your Brand Archetype, you’ll be able to:

  • Release all confusion around how to stand out on social media, when networking events and attending business conferences
  • Leverage your unique psychological makeup to effectively build a deep, meaningful connection with your audience
  • Authentically communicate why your brand is the best choice for your ideal clients
  • Get insights on how to best execute your content strategy, brand aesthetics, and the overall energy you give off
  • Understand what you need as an entrepreneur to tap into the flow state that will keep motivated, inspired and embracing your success

Sounds good? The next step in being your most authentic self is only a few clicks away…

Brand Archetypes are The Psychological Structure to Consistently & Confidently Share Your Message with The World.

The 12 Brand Archetypes

What’s yours?

Developing an effective, aligned Brand Message can feel frustrating, confusing, and never-ending.

But when you uncover your Brand Archetype, you’ll…

Discover exactly how to represent yourself to attract the people who need what you offer

Understand your brand’s superpowers so standing out from the crowd without being sleazy, gimmicky or inauthentic is incredibly easy

Confidently turn strangers into highly satisfied clients, raving about how you changed their lives

This is the next step in elevating how the world
sees, hears and pays you.

Where do the Brand Archetypes Come From?

The only Brand Archetype Assessment online that’s been certified by one of the top schools of psychology in the United States, it’s a science-based approach to understanding your psychological makeup and how it can be used to accelerate your business growth.

Based on Carl Jung’s Archetypal Psychology, the Brand Archetype Assessment was developed from 20+ years of top-tier brand and marketing strategy to help small businesses leverage this tool used by every household name, so that they too can get seen, heard, and paid.

That’s why we’re giving it away. Absolutely free.

Our Brand Archetype Assessment has been used by over 14,000 entrepreneurs at varying stages of their business development; Whether it’s a pre-revenue solo-preneur or a seasoned 9-figure CEO, all who implemented this framework saw marked results in their messaging clarity, client’s response, and financial results.

Why do you need to know your Brand Archetype?

A crystal clear understanding of your Brand Archetype means you’re able to…

  • Always know the emotional experience that turns strangers into clients and clients into raving fans
  • Tap into your flow state with ease to jumpstart your creative juices, push through gritty times and find inspiration with ease
  • Understand the fundamental appeal your brand creates for your audience and how to leverage this into leaving a legacy you’re proud of

If you want to deepen the connection with your audience, dramatically accelerate your ROI, & be known as the recognized leader in your industry…

Raving Reviews From Entrepreneurs
Who Uncovered Their Brand Archetypes

“Doing these exercises sequentially is super powerful, and I’m loving these breakthroughs.”

I’ve done a LOT of future visions, therapy and other mindset exercises. THANK YOU Jennifer Kem for building this step-by-step course.

Bianca Gignoc

Founder, Italian Fix

“I’ve learned so much about marketing my online business.”

I have a popular, highly respected brick and mortar business but I’ve been very hesitant about moving it online because it’s a whole new world. But in this course, I feel totally confident in what I’m doing to market my business online.

Michelle Choy

Child Development Expert

“To think I hated sales calls when I first joined this community…”

I came up with a shorter, more leveraged mastermind option. I was just looking back at my notes/stats and saw that I talked to 19 people and closed 18 of them.

Heather Hubbard

Founder and President, All Rise LLC

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